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      Trading with Mauritius

      Trading with Mauritius

      This section welcomes overseas companies that do trading with Mauritius, and provides them with market and regulatory information to help them export to Mauritius and import from Mauritius.

      Trade Obstacles Alert

      Discover Mauritius: The Star and Key of the Indian Ocean


      Mauritius is a peaceful emerging economy blessed with a wonderful climate. It has good quality infrastructure and has modern information and telecommunications facilities.
      Mauritius is becoming a financial trade and global business destination of choice.

      Mauritius’ economic outline Investing in Mauritius Mauritius’ trade profile Transit of goods MCCI Business Directory Trade remedies

      Market information about Mauritius

      Market reports

      See all market reports about Mauritius

      Updated market information

      Receive new market information concerning Mauritius:

      Useful tools

      Useful resources

      • The National Investment Promotion Agency of Mauritius
      • The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry
      • EDB Virtual Trade Promotion Platform
      • Useful resources

      Trade Remedies

      • Legal Framework
      • Anti-dumping
      • Anti-Subsidy
      • Investing authority

      Understand the legal framework for imports

      Trade Remedies Mauritius
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