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      Market Intelligence

      Market Intelligence

      This section offers a series of trade facilitations tools to help you expand your business overseas, such as country and market information, sources for business opportunities, import or exports partners databases, landed-cost calculations and more!

      International Trade Center 

      Trade Map
      Trade statistics for international business development. Market Access Map
      Improving transparency in international trade and market access. Trade Competitiveness Map
      Analyse country and product competitiveness with trade flows. Standard map
      Analyse & compare voluntary standards, research materials & generate maps. Investment map
      For better foreign investment attraction and targeting. Trade Obstacles Alert
      Alert relevant authorities of the obstacles faced.

      Explore markets

      186 country profiles:

      Choose a country
      30,000 Market Reports Business Alerts Import/Export Flows Best Countries for Trade 40,000 Trade Shows 3,000 Professional Associations
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