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      Export regulations and taxes

      Export regulations and taxes

      If you are a Mauritian company, we invite you to use the toolbox "Search all regulations and taxes" to export goods and services from Mauritius in accordance with the laws of Mauritius. You will be able to find for each product and for every country where you want to ship it: custom duties and taxes, excises, regulations, shipping documents, export controls both in Mauritius and import controls in the client country, etc...

      As a shortcut we also propose the list of the key export regulations of Mauritius.

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      Key export regulations

      Discover below the various guidelines of Mauritian law in relation to exporting.

      • What are "controlled goods for export"? What are "controlled goods for export"?

        Before exporting goods from Mauritius you should ensure that they do not fall into the category of controlled goods. As a matter of fact certain goods are allowed for exporting from Mauritius only when you produce the required export permit or export authorization from the relevant authority(ies). If you do not have the export permit or authorization, the item will be detained and referred to the relevant authority for approval.
        Please, refer here for the list of controlled goods for export.

      • When do I need an "export certificate"? When do I need an "export certificate"?

        Exports of almost all items can be conducted freely except for a few controlled items for which export permits are required prior to effecting exports.
        Please, refer here for the list of all goods that require an Export Certificate.

      • How long does it take to get an export permit? How long does it take to get an export permit?

        Export permits are approved and delivered via the icone lien externe TradeNet phase V system on the same day provided all conditions are met. Export Certificates are also approved and delivered on the same day.
        The icone lien externe Kimberley Process Certificates are approved and delivered within 2 working days.
        Please note that the export of Scrap metal is subject to the Consumer Protection (Scrap Metal) (Amendment) Regulations 2016.

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